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There are some questions we need to ask you before your first consultation. If you prefer to fill out this information online, please call the office at (828) 669-5314. We will tell you where you can find our online forms and give you a PIN (personal identification number) to access them securely and privately. You may also print our forms yourself, fill them out, and bring them with you.

After signing in at the front desk, you will be handed some paperwork to fill out (if you haven't printed and filled out our intake forms online.) We will photocopy your insurance card so we can start verifying your benefits right away, while you are with the doctor.

You will be escorted back to the doctor's office where you will meet the doctor and tell him why you are in our office and discuss any pertinent health history. Dr. Greenspan will perform a spinal screening with you to determine if your problem can be helped with chiropractic treatment. According to Dr. Greenspan's recommendations, orthopedic and neurological testing will be performed and X-rays taken if appropriate in your case. Pain-relieving physical therapies may be utilized to get you more comfortable until the doctor has a chance to evaluate your exam and X-ray findings.

During your second appointment,  Dr. Greenspan will give a complete report of all his findings and if he feels he can help you, a prescribed care plan will be presented. At that time, you will tell Dr. Greenspan how you would like to proceed and the doctor will give you your first treatment.

You are now on your way to experiencing life with less pain, improved vitality and greater health!

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